Remain calm, there is no need to call 999

EDMS operates 24 hours a day on the festival grounds, as a result of this we are able to locate you much faster than the emergency services. Furthermore, we also provide a rapid response service to medical emergencies.

Call for help

Find the nearest steward or security team member to raise the alarm. They will be able to provide us with an accurate location for us to respond to.

Call our dedicated emergency lines (Available 24 hours a day) – 07770 274918 OR 07747 494175

When calling us please let us know where you need help, if you are unsure of where you are use obvious landmarks to help us locate you. Remember, we are able to provide a rapid response service in an emergency 24 hours a day whilst on festival grounds.

CALL US IN AN EMERGENCY: 07770 274918 OR 07747 494175


CALL US IN AN EMERGENCY: 07770 274918 OR 07747 494175


EDMS run a number of medical centres across the festival grounds, these will be signposted and will also be on the festival map. In addition to this, we also provide a response service for medical emergencies.

Doctor, Nurse and Paramedic Consultations

General Health and Medical Advice

Private Prescriptions (subject to availability)

Emergency Department Service

Minor Fracture Assessment and Management

Psychiatric and Substance Misuse Services

Emergency Rapid Response Services

Minor Illness and Injury Services

Wound Assessment and Closure

CALL US IN AN EMERGENCY: 07770 274918 OR 07747 494175


General Health Advice
Your Own Prescribed Medicines
Alcohol Advice
Sexual Health Advice
Substance and Non-Prescription Drug Use
Basic First Aid
Safeguarding and Confidentiality
Our Services
Citizen Aid

General Health Advice

  • Our medical centres stock a wide variety of medicines to treat most emergencies. We do however advise that you bring basic medicines such as Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, a box of adhesive plasters and some cleaning wipes.
  • Hand hygiene is very important at outdoor events such as festivals. Remember to bring some hand sanitiser (alcohol gel) and wash your hands regularly (always before food and after visiting the toilet).
  • Bring sun cream and after sun – the sun can get extremely hot but you may not feel it. If you are out and about, put sun cream on!
  • Keep hydrated! – drink water regularly. Water is available throughout the site. If you are unsure where the nearest water point is please ask a member of festival staff.
  • If you are camping, your tent can become extremely hot during the day in the sun. This can make you feel very ill if you are resting/sleeping during the day.  You should ensure a good air flow through the tent, keep hydrated and if possible rest outside under a shade

Your Own Prescribed Medicines

  • Bring as little as possible to the event. Only bring medicines that you will need whilst you are here.  Always remember to bring your asthma inhaler (and a spare) if you have one.
  • The main medical centre has facilities to store medicines including refrigerated medicines. This is the safest place for them.  It is advisable NOT to leave medicines in your tent.

Alcohol Advice

  • If you feel unwell from drug or alcohol intake, welfare and medical services are open 24 hours. Don’t be afraid to get help.
  • Alcoholic drinks are often measured in units. Current government guidance says that men and women shouldn’t regularly drink more than 14 units a week.
  • Please use this calculator to see how much you drink each week.
  • Please be sensible, watch out for yourself and your friends. Excess alcohol can impair your ability to keep yourself safe as well as get you into trouble.
  • If you have a friend who is intoxicated and needs to recover, welfare and medical services are available on site and will be happy to help.
  • Keep your drink covered and within your sight at all times. So called ‘spiking’ of drinks does unfortunately occur and can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Please attend any of the medical centres if you believe to have been spiked.

Sexual Health Advice

  • Always use condoms to help protect yourself from catching on passing on an STI. Buy condoms that have the CE mark or BSI kite mark on the packet.
  • The medical centre will be able to advise on emergency contraception (although there may be a small charge for this service)
  • If you believe you have been sexually assaulted, please speak to a member of festival staff or go to the medical centre where we will be able to advise and help you.

Substance and Non-Prescription Drug Use

  • Ask for help if you need it and don’t wait – getting help early can save lives.
  • If you feel unwell from drug or alcohol intake, welfare and medical services are open 24 hours a day. Don’t be afraid to get help.
  • Taking various substances can lead to a complete loss of control, aggressive and violent behaviour, disturbing hallucinations, seizure, incontinence, as well as make you extremely vulnerable to physical and sexual assault.
  • If you plan to take any substance at an event from an unknown source or you take a drug or substance you have never tried before, please take a very small amount first to see what effect it has.
  • Substances and other drugs are often mixed with a variety of other materials. Remember you will never know exactly what is in the substance you have been given.  It is a high risk activity, please remember this.

Basic First Aid

  • There are 24 hour medical centres and an emergency response medical team at this event 24 hours a day. Details at the top of this page
  • Some basic things to do to help someone before help arrives:
    • If someone is bleeding, put something clean on the wound and press hard
    • If someone is burned, cool with lots of cold water
    • If they are unconscious, roll them on their side and tilt their head back
    • If someone is having a seizure, protect their head, but don’t restrain them
    • If a bone or joint appears broken, keep it still
    • If someone is not breathing, start CPR
    • If someone is having a panic attack, take them somewhere quiet and calm them down by getting them to focus on their breathing
    • If the patient can walk, it will be quicker to take them to a medical centre.
    • If you have called for assistance, please give as exact location on site as you can (perhaps to the nearest landmark such as fairground ride, food outlet or campsite row number) and send someone to signal us when we approach

Safeguarding and Confidentiality

  • If you are under 18 years of age or you are an adult at risk, we have a duty of care to ensure you are safe.
  • This does not necessarily mean that your parents etc will be informed, but we will need to be 100% sure you are safe.
  • We will keep your medical information confidential at all times.
  • You may have a copy of the records we make about your care. Please ask.
  • We will not share your details, medical records or even your visit to us with anybody unless not to do so may place you or others at serious harm.

Our Services

  • Emergency treatment for medical conditions is free at this event.
  • If you require a paid service we will always let you know why and how much before you commence treatment.
  • If we issue a prescription, you may have to pay a private prescription charge (including emergency contraception).
  • EDMS is a clinician led service consisting of first aiders, clinical support staff, ambulance support staff, paramedics, nurses and senior doctors. All care is overseen by senior medical staff.
  • EDMS is fully registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Citizen Aid

Simply download The free, no adds citizenAID App from either Google Play, Apple App or the Windows store.

The citizenAID App will reduce the anxiety from difficult decision making in an unfamiliar situation. Follow the logical steps to do the right things in the right order. Stay safe and help us… to help you… to save lives.

The citizenAID app is free to the UK public and is designed initially for use in the UK. Access is left open internationally for the wider public good, but recognising there is detail that relates only to the UK (such as emergency service phone number). Additional country versions will be developed dependent on demand.”  US Version is avaliable, search “citizenAID US” in google & iTunes.

CALL US IN AN EMERGENCY: 07770 274918 OR 07747 494175